Australian Gambling Legislation

Australia is considered to be one of the player-friendly countries in the world. The studies show that about 80% of population partakes in some form of gambling.

The Australian Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, aimed to protect Australians from the disastrous effects of gambling, outlaws the rendering online gambling services to Australian residents (but it is quite legal to play casino games or poker online) and applies only to online gambling service providers regardless of their location, be it in Australia or offshore, and ownership - whether Australian or foreign owned company.

In stark contrast to USA, online sports betting is given a legal status in Australia, with many sportsbooks licensed by the government in operation.

Online gambling has a strange legal position in Australia: on one hand people are not forbidden to play either poker or casino games online, but it's not legal for the companies to furnish online gambling services to the residents of Australia.  In reality a lot of online casinos accept Australian players and Australians enjoy their government’s position.


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