Learn Effective "1-3-2-6" Baccarat Strategy

Often looked after but rarely found, proved Baccarat strategy is usually considered a fiction among gamblers. For the most part the systems and baccarat strategies that claim to turn you into constant winner are most likely full of false, misleading, and useless information. Just like many casino games, Baccarat has to do with luck and you can do nothing to manipulate the odds. Still, you can make certain decisions there that will boost your winning chances.

Learn "1-3-2-6" Baccarat strategy

"1-3-2-6" Baccarat Strategy

This Baccarat strategy "1-3-2-6" deals with even-money payoffs and thus suits for this game. It is also applicable to any other casino game that has even money odds.

Keep in mind that this strategy will not increase your winning rate to 100%, but it will limit your losses allowing bigger wins.

To make the system work, you need to trace and write down your bets during 4 rounds of the game. First, you have to bet one unit (the amount of the bet is insignificant) and if this round is winning, add one more unit to the win you get playing in following round and bet the amount total of 3 units. If this round is winning too, you will have 6 units. In accordance with system, in the third round you need to subtract 4 units and bet only two.

If 4th bet is winning, add 2 more to get 6. And the profit will be equal to twelve units. So, the "1-3-2-6" is moniker. Sure you cannot win all the time and if just first bet is lost, only one unit is lost. A loss at 3rd level would be 2 units less 4 units that result from the two wins that were earlier. A loss when you play at the 4th level is six units minus six units you won before, or no loss at all. Have no worries if three first bets were successful but the last was lost as this means you are just even.

So, there are Baccarat strategies in brief. The system can be pretty effective but you have to bear in mind that it is game of chance.