Casinos Expansion in Ukraine

1 Jan 2011
Casinos Expansion in Ukraine

Ukraine is the country which is situated in the East of Europe. It is a young country which has recently made a lot of improvements in the active statute. Moreover, this country has recently changed the laws about the gambling industry. The financial minister of the Ukraine enounced the expansion of casino and gambling games. It means that casino gambling is going to be allowed in the five and four stars hotels. There are several requirements for the gambling places: such hotels should have at least 100 rooms and entertaining complexes which should have the Ukrainian registration.

In spite of this fact, casino gambling should be banned in all residential buildings. This draft bill will be also applied in the casinos located in Crimea, resorts in Morshyn, the Mycheve, Slavske, the Carpathians, Bukovel and Truskavets.

Furthermore, this draft legislation will forbid casino gambling at radio or television, virtual casinos, gaming machine-online venues and bookmaking. The gambling houses will only be allowed to host games employing cards, national lotteries, roulette, and dice. Besides, the casinos should have ten gambling tables what is the minimum. The casino staff should count nearly fifty people.

So, you see that all people interested in gambling will be able to play their favorite games. This young country wants to change the working gambling laws which imply the reason of why lots of people support such decision of the parliament. It will be very comfortable for the players to have casinos in the country and to visit such places where they can relax and enjoy various casino games.

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