People Forget Everything while Gambling

13 Dec 2010
People Forget Everything while Gambling

The results of Pennsylvania lawmakers' decision on expanding the gambling industry were positive on a large scale. However, certain problems also took place along the way. To make it clear - the problem which has turned to be the most acute has been adults leaving their kids unattended while gamble at casinos.

New Mexico government has been recently concern over the same matter. This week, a woman waived the preliminary hearing in the state court. She has been arrested for abandoning her children in a car in cold weather. The ages of children were 5 and 9.

The boyfriend of Carashea Kenny, Timothy Smith, said she was dropped off near the local casino in 6:45. The children were with Timothy for a while and then they returned together to pick up Kenny. Since she wasn't outside the casino, the man entered the establishment to find her and left the keys in the ignition and went in to find his girlfriend.

Kenny refused to live the casino at that moment as the machine she was playing at was hot. It is obvious, that the woman lost track of time; she said later she didn't know for how long her kids were along in the truck.

The temperature that day was approximately thirty degrees. Carashea tried to safe her face saying she thought the boyfriend was with kids. The authorities took the children whose whereabouts haven't been revealed as they are underage.

This year many parents have been arrested for the same fault. The Gaming Control Board of the state has warned casinos to strengthen security measures in parking.

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