Table Games Seem to Come to Maryland Casinos

17 Jan 2011
Table Games Seem to Come to Maryland Casinos

This week senator Kathy Klausmeier, a Democrat from Baltimore County, introduced a new legislation for gambling industry which is aimed at bringing casino table games to the state of Maryland. Now lawmakers are definitely sure that the tables` game addition will heavily increase the revenues.

This decision to bring roulette, blackjack, craps and some other table games to the casinos of Maryland will fall on the state`s residents. Even in case if the Governor Martin O'Malley signs the law after lawmakers` approval of the new bill, the voters (on the 2012 ballot) will need to approve it before Maryland casinos start offering table games.

Currently the gambling industry is booming in the Northeast and many states are adding extra casinos` options. New Jersey and Delaware (already have casinos) move to sports betting which is also pretty lucrative. What concerns Delaware, it has already managed to legalize sports betting. New Jersey has an intention to act in the same way in the nearest future.

The whole East Coast could really become a destination for most gamblers in case if the legislators of Florida consider opening borders to full scale Las Vegas casinos. Today South Beach has become a final destination for loads of tourists. And the new casinos` addition which can be built by gambling companies would definitely turn South Beach into much more attractive place for most gamblers and many celebrities.

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