How to Choose Slots Game

For a novice in slots gambling the decision what game to choose poses difficulty. What should we pay attention to? Some make their choice on the basis of the theme of slot machine, others play only feature bonus slots. A lot of people play popular games based on the movie, video game or a cartoon. This is the case with brand name slot games like "Tomb Raider", "Flintstones" or "Hitman" enjoy wide popularity among the players.

We cannot tell you what theme you should pay attention to, it is absolutely personal. But we can give you a general classification of slots so you had an idea of various types of slots. Then you can choose the theme and the colors of the game that falls within the category of the slot machines you have chosen.

Types of Slot Machines

The slot machines fall into following categories: classic three reel slots, multi-line slots, bonus feature slots and progressive slots. Classic slots have three reels and only one payline. After you've made a spin, the three reels will stop and you will see randomly selected symbols that are located on the game window. These games are good for those who have a relatively modest bankroll.

Multi-line slots are nothing but three reel slots that provide several paylines. The number of the lines may range from 2 to 25. When you're playing on a multi-line slot machine you're potentially able to win more but you have to spend more as well. When you play multi-payline slot machines, every coin you play will activate a line and if you play a 25-line slot machine, you have to bet 25 coins to activate all 25 lines.

Bonus feature slots have 3 or 5 reels and they have some additional bonus features (logically, isn't it?). Bonus feature is represented by free spins, bonus game or gamble features where you have to guess the color / suit of a card, or "pick a box" style games with hidden bonuses.

Each player of the same progressive game makes a small contribution to the jackpot prize and during certain period of time the amount of jackpot is let's say, $1,000 000. When you hit certain winning combination, you get the jackpot. The most important thing about slot machine jackpots you should remember is that to win the jackpot you must play the maximum amount of coins.

How not to choose