Efficient Video Poker Tips to Increase Your Winning Ratio

Get clear idea about the game

Make sure you understand video poker rules before you take the leap. This is the most important among video poker tips. If you are a novice in Video Poker, familiarize yourself with the standard poker hand ranking. Play on the lowest possible denomination machine till your level of knowledge rises. Check the pay tables you are playing by for the video poker machine. There are slight variations in the payouts, and it pays to know them well. The better the payout is, the better the machine.

Don’t haste

When you play video poker online you can take your time and make favorable decision. No one will hurry you up if you play too slow.

Establish bankroll

This tip belongs to financial video poker tips. Make certain that you have a separate Video Poker bankroll that will be sufficient to carry you through all levels of the game you're playing. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

Test your skills with free video poker game

Practice free video poker

Almost all online casinos offer its visitors to play the game preferred for free. By taking this chance you will kill two birds with one stone: you will be able to test and improve your skills with no financial risk or ruin and you will get to know the pay table, the specific features of the game in the casino you have chosen. Don't ignore these video poker tips.

Fish for bonuses

Search for sign-up casino bonuses and games either with bonus rounds or progressives. These can significantly increase the amount of your wins. With bonus round you can push your bet and boost your money.

Be attentive

You can’t even imagine how often Players lose winning hands simply because they forget to ‘Hold’ cards that constitute a prime winning hand. And as a result, the next press of the Deal button results in a losing hand.

Work out your own video poker tips

Prefer Jack to Ace

Some players think that the Ace is the most important in the deck, and in fact, Jack is. If you hold the Jack instead of the Ace, it gives you more chances to make winning hands than an Ace would.

Gamble wise

Instead of making random decisions playing Video Poker game, try to adopt some kind of video poker strategy. If you know in advance what cards you will hold or discard in various situations, you will get better results and reduce the size of the edge that the house has over you.