Canada Gambling Legislation

Online gambling is not listed among the gambling activities considered legal by Canadian laws. But still, despite the neighborhood with anti-gambling USA, Canada is more tolerate to allowing online gambling.

Illegal gambling issues are sanctioned by Canadian Criminal Code but it is the ten provinces that operate legalized gambling. Each province manages gaming activity and regulates different forms of gambling.

In Canada, it is illegal for anyone other than a provincial government to operate online gambling sites. Khanawake reserve in Quebec is so far the only province that provides a server space for many international online casinos. The Kahnawake Indian Reservation in Quebec hosted the servers for the most popular online gambling sites, such as, and even gave out the license to them through their own gaming commission. Canadian regulators can do almost nothing against offshore online gambling operators that are so popular among Canadians. Offshore casinos are draining much money from the country. But there are few statistics on how much was spent on online gambling, since the industry is in a legal grey zone in Canada.

In general, it is not illegal for Canadians to gamble online but unlawful is running an online gaming operation. There is no actual law that would prevent a consumer from using the online gambling site. Strange as it may seem, Canadian companies, Cryptologic in particular, supply online casinos with online casino software.


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