Keno Guide

The rules of the game of Keno resemble the rules of lotto. The game takes its origins from the ancient Chinese game that differs little from the lotto game. If you have ever played the lotto, it will take you a minute to grasp the principles of Keno game.

The Objective

Today Keno is played almost at all online casinos, you will see the keno board with 80 numbers and your aim is to predict as many as up to 10 numbers chosen for each round. The selected numbers are also called "spots". The online Keno gives players a possibility to make the computer choose the numbers if they want.

Just right after you have chosen the numbers, you have to choose the bet. The appropriate button will show you the payout you will get if your bet turns out to be successful. Remember, the more numbers you pick the less you will receive for a small amount of numbers. If the numbers the computer chose match the numbers that you have chosen, it is called a 'hit'.

The maximum bet for online Keno is $5. You can also choose the number of games you will play by pushing the buttons "Play One, or " "Play Five," or "Play Ten." The left side of the screen shows you the outcome of your game. If you want to play the same numbers in the next game, all you have to do is to click "Repeat Bet."

The strategy

The strategy that will help you to guess numbers simply doesn't exist, but you can minimize your loss by taking precautions to decrease the risk you take. First, you have to choose the right place to play Keno, check the credibility of the casino, the rules and payouts it offers. Second, establish your bankroll. Do not bet more than you can afford to lose. Carefully select the number of spots. The more numbers you select, the higher chances are that at least some of them will come out. Of course, this doesn't mean that if you use maximum spots, that will increase your chances to win as you will need more "hits" before you win anything.

The drawback the Keno has is an extremely high house edge. This game brings great revenues to the online casinos; the edge can be as high as 20-30%.