Responsible Gaming is committed to the policy of Responsible Gaming at all our gaming and gambling activities. We are committed to ensure that all our visitors are responsible players over 18 years old.

Responsible players are:

  • 1. The players that never chase losses even if feel confident about winning
  • 2. The players that never play when in bad mood
  • 3. The players that decide on a bankroll and stick to it
  • 4. The players that never gamble with the money they cannot lose
  • 5. The players that gamble for a limited amount of time

To make sure you or any of the people you know do not belong to the risk category and are a responsible gambler, please read the article How to Tell if Someone is a Problem Gambler? by Where you will find out all about symptoms of pathological gambling.

Moreover, you can find extra useful information on problem gaming in the article Problem Gambling by

Underage Gaming

Most casinos allow players to gamble only when they are at least 18 years old. However, the age may vary according to the jurisdiction of the player's country of residence. Therefore, please make sure you are acting according to the law of your country before you gamble. In addition, to make sure the minors are not involved in casino gambling, please use child protection software on your computer to restrict gaming Web sites and keep your account info safe.


If you find yourself or anybody else involved in problem gaming you should ask for help as no person can be left alone with this problem. You can find out about programs for problem gamblers in our article Original Gambling Recovery Program by

There are lots of organizations all over the world aimed at helping problem gamblers and below you will find a brief list of those we find necessary. If you consider your site or any other website necessary for other people suffering from or eager to prevent the disease, please send us a link and reason you find this site necessary at the Contact us page.

Extra important resources - International Service Office, official site for Gamblers Anonymous - organization that helps problem gamblers and their relatives, friends and colleagues all over the world. - British Columbia partnership for Responsible Gambling. Organisation that provides information, brochures, videos, studies and advice on problem gaming. - site that helps you find an organization on problem gambling in your country of residence. Contains database for over 30 countries. - Responsible Gaming Council - company specializing in programs (events, tests, even school dramas) for gaming prevention. - RGC simple quick 6 questions test to see if you are a problem gambler. - National Center for Responsible Gaming - NCRG provides a research center and help for players all over the US.

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