Legal Issues

Gambling law is the issue every gambler should pay attention to before placing his first wager

Each country regulates gambling in its own way and gambler has to be aware of the legality of gambling since in some countries gambling is banned while in others is not. Besides the gambler periodically has to check legality issues in his country to know whether gambling is still forbidden or whether there were any modifications made in the laws.

USA Gambling Legislation

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EU Gambling Legislation

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Canada Gambling Legislation

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Australian Gambling Legislation

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In fact the most of the governments have not developed any particular laws or any rules for giving out gaming licenses. In some highly developed countries the governments are trying to limit international internet gambling while other countries understand that for national income by taxing gambling revenues are very attractive and are trying to attract potential players throughout the world.

The countries ерфе фддщц and regulate штеуктуе gambling include UK, Australia,Ireland, Antigua and even United States (The State of Nevada allows and controls the operation of the online sportsbooks for Nevada visitors and inhabitants.)

European Union has shown a rather clear pro-online gambling position and despite the fact that some member states imposed a ban on Internet gambling, EU gambling legislation is friendly. In fact, such bans run counter EU law.

In the US, the senators have long been trying to forbid online gambling by adopting corresponding legislation, but these attempts were generally made on state-by-state basis and were focused on various laws and regulations regarding virtual gambling. Until recently, virtual gambling was considered a legal gray area (and especially in US). And now the anti-gambling legislation — the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 — in particular changed all of this.


OnlineCasinosDoc is not legal authority. We remind you the information presented should not be percieved as a legal advice but we sincerely hope that it will be of use to you. To get accurate information or advice on internet gambling, consult the legislation of the country where you live or jurisdiction where you are going to play.