Casino Movies


English gangster film about macho gamesmanship filmed by Guy Ritchie. Cardsharp Eddy and his friends play in an illegal high-roller game run by one of the local villains. But the game is crooked…

The Hangover  (2009)

A very amusing comedy about buddies who decided to celebrate a bachelor's party in the sin city - Las Vegas. When the morning came, they found themselves in a trashed hotel suit with no memories about the night events and a terrible headache, but who they didn't manage to find was the groom…

Casino  (1995)

This Martin Scorsese film shows dual face of Las Vegas - it has a glittering, glamorous as well as a brutal, cruel side.

Casino Royale  (2006)

James Bond is now involved into dangerous affair with terrorists and to meet his enemy he has to sit at poker table and win.

Ocean's Eleven  (2001)

Danny Ocean is up to commit the biggest heist in history. He rounds up a gang of eleven to hit three major Las Vegas casinos and take out $150 million from their owner, violence-prone Terry Benedict who doesn't have a clue what is going to happen - or does he?

Croupier  (1998)

Croupier is a smoothly plotted casino-based thriller with a surprise ending about a croupier that despises gambling.

The Cooler  (2003)

The unluckiest man in Vegas makes his career spreading his bad luck on the visitors of the casinos. But things change when he falls in love with gorgeous waitress and the luck smiles at him but that goes against the plans of the casino management.

Intacto  (2001)

Some people have all the luck, as people say. But they do not tell that there are people that can steal this luck from you with just a touch. At the heart of the philosophical puzzle ''Intacto'' is the theme of survivor guilt.

21  (2008)

A story about MIT team who took Vegas for a ride based on the nonfiction book "Bringing Down the House" by Ben Mezrich.

Revolver  (2005)

Gambler Jake Green wound up in jail thanks to his rival Dorothy Macha, a violence-prone casino owner. Having enlisted the support of gambling sharks, Zack and Avi, he is ready to take his revenge.

Deal  (2008)

This a story about a young poker prodigy that dares to take part in the World Poker Tour tournament in Las Vegas with a multi-million-dollar jackpot on the line.