What to choose: Downloadable vs. Flash game

As a rule online casinos apart from the standard download version of the casino have no downloadable version available. No downloadable version means that you can play instantly in the web browser without downloading the software. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which option is better. To make the process of choosing easy and not time-taking for you, we have grouped pros and cons of the two options.


1. The layout is much better detailed. Graphics is superior, the same is with sounds. But because of its high quality the overall game size is larger and it will require more space on the disk. Download casinos run more smoothly and faster, particular noticeable with spinning slots or dealing cards such as in blackjack. Downloadable version offers more games than the no download versions of the same casino.

2. Because of an intensive web traffic download casino is more difficult to bog down.

3. Once downloaded, the casino is on your computer for whenever you want to play and you do not have to rely on potentially testy Internet connections and servers. This implies less disruption and tends to be more reliable. The drawback is that you are limited to playing at the computer where you downloaded the software.

4. Downloadable casinos use significant memory space.

5. Downloadable casinos work only on Windows.

6. The level of security is higher.

No downloadable

1. The graphics is also sharp but it can't be compared with the graphics in downloaded casino. There graphics and sounds are not quite as realistic and they offer fewer games. Although you don't have to download the whole casino, you still need to download each game before you play.

2. The network may be very busy and this will slow down games and spoil the pleasure of gambling. Sometimes a system or a provider simply cannot provide enough space on the disc to operate no download casino.

3. You have no need to download the software on your computer and this means that if you want to play some casino games, you can do it at any computer without being limited by where you downloaded the software. You do not need to uninstall the software if you are not satisfied with the casino.

4. Non downloadable casinos do not require any memory space.

5. No downloadable casinos work on Windows, Mac and Linux.

6. No download casinos are just as safe and secure as their download counterparts although there may be security implications with you logging into your accounts at multiple computers.